Is There Any Chat Forums For Heroin Addicts?


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There are few out there including but be warned, these are not to be entered into lightly. Not only will the subject matters be extremely sensitive but you will be discussing all sorts of things relating to your addiction.
Addictions are not good things and these can stretch not just from drugs but also to alcohol and even gambling when one becomes totally out of control. There are groups out there that deal with specific heroin related illnesses and addictions and you can also try to go to groups in order to kick your habit.
Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its use in large doses poses a serious problem. It is both the most abused and the most rapidly acting of these sorts of drugs and is sold in small forms as a white or brownish type powder often in weight.
You can also find some instance where you have a black sticky substance known on the streets as "black tar heroin."
Recent studies suggest a shift from injecting heroin to snorting or smoking due to increased purity and the fallacy that these types of use will not lead to addiction.
Although purer heroin is becoming more and more popular the majority of street heroin is "cut" with other drugs or with substances which can include things like sugar, starch, powdered milk, or quinine.
Street heroin can also be cut with strychnine or other poisons. Heroin also poses other dangers because of the transmission of HIV and other diseases that can occur from someone sharing needles or other injection equipment.
Heroin is mainly produced from morphine, a naturally occurring substance which is extracted from the seedpod of the Asian poppy plant.

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