Should Drug Addicts Be Given Organ Transplants Ahead Of Other People?


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Most doctors would probably prefer to save a life regardless. I don't think someone who has messed up their own organs through drinking, smoking, drugs etc.... Should even be considered for a replacement organ/transplant.
I may need/want new lungs or a liver someday, tough crap for me.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Gvp. Hopefully there will be enough to go around.
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True charity and the giving of gifts is not giving the gift with the intention of receiving in return, and also not being concerned who receives your charity. The same with medicine, the doctor took the oath to heal the sick and cause no harm. If there is an organ available, and unless for medical reasons a waiting recipient should not receive the transplant, it is not within the physician's realm to decide that spirituality or social background should determine if the recipient is worthy.
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It depends on what is meant by drug addicts and whether or not the need for a transplant was caused by drug abuse. For example alcohol has probably killed more livers than any other drug, but many people who drink loath drug addicts. Are they not one also? Or say the person needing a transplant  smoked weed... Their drug abuse is very unlikely to be the cause of their need for a transplant. One sure would not want to think that someone whose organ failure was almost certainly caused by chronic drug abuse should get a transplant ahead of an innocent child. On the other hand should we play god...But there is absolutely no way a drug addict should be given precedence over anyone else.
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Before I had my kidney transplant, the doctor's wanted me perfect in health, no antibodies, no colds, etc. I knew guys waiting for a kidney that were not in compliance with doctor's orders to stay away from booze, smoking, eating or drinking too much.  Cause I was perfect (ok,ok, no remarks from the peanut gallery), when Little Rock called (after checking with my kidney doctor here in Mt. Home and he told them I was a good boy), I caught the helicopter and 50mins later, I was in bed at UMAS, and they had a perfect match [for a perfect guy] {I just had to throw that in}. I got a 29.5yr old kidney from a boy trying to kill himself. They kept him alive so to harvest organs. Medicare paid 1/2 the helicopter and cause I was a member of that service, they wrote the rest off. From here to Little Rock is 98 air miles and they charged $9700.00. Boy, am I glad I didn't have to pay it. It's been 5yrs and it's still cranking'. The doctor told me I could have one beer a day and two on Christmas, I'm caught up until 2030, (I've been a bad boy?).
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Nah, you're enjoying life!! Glad to hear you are doing well....and congratulations on your new lease on life. Mum
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Hopefully it will continue to go well Gene.
Mary Ann Cassidy
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Hey! Glad to hear you had a good experience. I am always very happy when a transplant person does well! Hurrah!!!
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Who are we to judge who gets what and who doesnt.  Yes, they should not abuse their bodies like that but were not all perfect and everyone as their own addictions to deal with weather it be drugs, alcohol, sex porn or whatever.  I feel if God didn't think that person didn't deserved a second chance then he would not allow them one.  Not to say those of you that are waiting for that perfect match doesn't deserve it,   But, would you want to be judged on something you did in the past and was you are not deserving of a second chance.  Thats not for us to decide.  God works in mysterious ways and who are we to question it.  I met a gentleman Wednesday night that had been an alcaholic for 30 years, but given a second chance he now is a pastor of a church and does mission trips in 3rd world countries.  He has touched so many lives and is an amazing guy with the biggest heart ive ever seen.  What if he hadn't been given a second chance?  Then all those peoples lives he has touched and changed wouldnt have had the opportunities he gave to them.
Sorry off of my soap box now.  

:) Gabby (:
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Gene wright
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The doctor, and doctors, do the "judging". I'm giving you all my dealings with doctors, hospitals, and "LISTS".
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Actually I think they shouldn't be able to donate thier organs to others
because they could have infectious diseases
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If you mean should the be shown preference, absolutely not.

If you mean should they go to the bottom of the list - yes.
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Honestly, I thought people with bad habits (like alcoholics) were typically excluded from getting transplants (like liver) because it was thought that they would just ruin the new organ. Or have I been watching too much television??
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Thanks Mums must depend on the program
Gene wright
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A doctor will tell them to stop drinking booze, or they get no transplant. If they are not in complance, too bad, so sad. By the way, prisons, people say hold them down and just take organs, are the worst place to get organs, cause of the drugs.
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I was addicted to Valium over 40 years ago, it given to me by a doctor who said, "Take it whenever you feel anxious."  I realized that I was addicted and quit it on my own after about a year and 1/2.  I was a heavy smoker and began smoking prior to the time that it was decided that smoking was harmful or addictive.  I quit in 1995.  Should I be denied a transplant if I need one?  Each person has a different set of circumstances and(I may be wrong here but I don't think I am) but my understanding is that there is more than one doctor that makes a final decision on a recipient.  We must leave the decision making to medical personnel that know each person and their is not right nor fair to make blanket condemnations.
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No No No They Chose To Abuse Their Body.. And It's Probably Unfair To Give It To   Them Instead Of A Clean And Sober Person...  I Feel The Same Way About A Lifetime Smoker Who Is In Need Of A Lung Transplant.. Give The Lung To Someone Who Has Cystic Fibrosis..   Most Of The Lines For Organ Donors Is Very Long...  I Am Not Heartless..  Why Put A Healthy Lung In A Lifetime Smoker.. The Rest Of Their Body Probably Has Some Form Of Cancer Too..  Sorry If You Disagree.. It's Only My 2 Cents. You Have A Right To Disagree
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I'm kind of on the fence about this.  
Some addicts will be nothing but addicts
and some are scared enough by their brush
with Death that they straighten up.  One who
considers his drug as the most important
thing to   They wrecked their own
system and did it willingly. Too many people
who will appreciate the organ they get need them.
Someone who has an organ failure that
wasn't their fault should be at the top of the list.
Drug addicts and heavy drinkers are pretty
much on the same level with me...they did
what they did to themselves and knew
what they were doing.  It wasn't an 'accident'
or  even 'ill fate' that caused their bodies to fail.
Why give them a 'brand new' organ to screw up?
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No, it doesn't work that way. There is a LONG list. I DO mean LONG. They just have to wait thier turn like everyone else.
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I don't think any abuser should be given a transplant until they have been clean for a year or if there are extra organs hanging around.  What's the point?  So they can wreck the next organs the same way?
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Short answer no a drug addict should not receive a person who was addicted(war vet)that lost a limb or suffered a i.e.d. Attack and needs a organ yes after they have been helped to clean up from being addicted to the pain killers in order to function while healing it depends on the reason why someone became a addict.let's put it this way if I knew that any doctor or hospital/transplant unit used any organs on someone they knew would just destroy these organs by their actions from being a addict then I would not be a organ donor.
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Having worked with Transplants, I would say no!  So much goes into providing an organ for someone. I have seen a number of transplants given to addicts, and w/in a year they are usually back with a failing implant, Having said this, it has also been said that we all have an addiction to  something or someone. If it's booze or drugs, we are more likely to be caught!
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Transplant team "God" anyone?. Give it to who needs it at top of list, everyone goes on list. So it goes in order.
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Gene wright
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It doesn't really go in order from a list. If a organ is found, it must be matched to the sick person. If no match, they keep going until they find one. I've seen cases where doctors call up to say they have a organ, so come to hosptial...only to be turned away, even several times before match is found. I went through 8hrs of testing before the match was confirmed.

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