What Is The ICD-9 Code For COPD (Chrionic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease)?


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The ICD-9 code is the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems used to identify diseases and their symptoms, abnormal findings, external causes of injury and disease. Each disease/health complaint is assigned an individual code that can be up to 6 characters long.

ICD9 code 496 includes nonspecific lung disease. Obstructive lung disease and obstructive pulmonary disease. This excludes COPD classified as: Allergic alveolitis (ICD-9 Code 495.0 - 495.9) asthma (493.2) bronchiectasis (494.0 - 494.1) bronchitis (491.20 - 491.22) with emphysema (491.20 - 491.22) decompensated (491.21) emphysema (492.0 - 492.8).

The more up to date version would be the ICD-10 code. This is the tenth revised version of the ICD list compiled in 2007. COPD is classified by ICD10 codes J40, J44 and J47 and includes chronic bronchitis, asthma (obstructive) emphysematous (with airways obstruction emphysema), obstructive bronchitis and obstructive tracheobronchitis. This excludes asthma (ICD-10 Code J45) asthmatic bronchitis NOS (J45.9), bronchiectasis (J47), chronic bronchitis, chronic NOS (J42) simple and mucopurulent (J41), tracheitis (J42), tracheobronchitis (J42) and emphysema (J43) and lung diseases due to external agents.

Additionally, COPD with acute lower respiratory infection is ICD-10 code J44.0. This excludes COPD with influenza (J98-J11).

It is important to keep track of ICD codes for COPD as the exclusion diseases may differ, along with the correct billing codes.

For more information, remember there are specialised websites that will focus entirely on the different ways that diseases and health problems can be classified. Whether you are nurturing an interest in healthcare, or need some data for your reference, the Internet is at your fingertips.
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According to the Electronic Medical Record I use at work, COPD Not Elsewhere Classified is ICD-496.

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