What Do You Know About Life Cycle Of Liver Fluke?


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The fluke are flat worms. They are the parasites of both man and animal. All flukes require at least two hosts to complete their life cycle. One of the fluke is liver fluke. It lives in and feeds in the liver in the human beings, where it causes much damage. The eggs of the fluke pass out in the faeces of infected person and thus they come to the fresh water. Snails living in the fresh water. Snails living in the fresh water eat the eggs. The eggs develop and form larva in the snails. The larva develops into small creature with a tail. At this stage they leave the snail and swim into water and seek a fresh host.

Their next host is fresh water fish. The embryos penetrate the skin and enter the muscles of the fish. In the muscles the embryo from a hard protective layer and become cysts. These cysts are very hard and are only destroyed by a thorough cooking of the fish. When partially cooked fish is eaten by man, the cysts arrive in the stomach and there they develop. From the stomach the parasites pass to the liver, where they grow to adult flukes. The adult flukes are both male and female, they come together and fertile eggs are produced and the cycle is repeated.
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