Can A Child Get A Check For Adhd And How Do I Go About It?


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Todd Hubbard Profile
Todd Hubbard answered
Yes, depends on your income, you have to take the child to the psychologist and have him evaluated, then if this child does have ADD or ADHD, then get a approved paper and take it to the SS office.
Bill Burns Profile
Bill Burns answered
Yes. I am not a medical doctor and have no authority to address this in a fashion that you should accept as truth.

My opinion is that too many hyper-active kids get diagnosed as having this 'disorder' and are put on mind altering/personality shifting drugs. At that young of an age, some kids may never get to live without taking these anti-psychotics just because they have very high energy levels and don't appear to be able to concentrate when forced to calm down.

I don't know, just make sure you get second, third, and fourth opinions, for the sake of your child. Adhd does not mean they can't learn or function, so talk to doctors about this and look for some online forums or websites dedicated to this.

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