What Natural Sleep Aids Work Best For A Child With ADHD?


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My son has ADHD and also learning disabled and has taken Melatonin since he was 4 yrs old, because he would stay up for 2-3 days at a time, without any sleep, until we started him on this. It's worked and he sleeps every night, but once in a blue moon, will not sleep at all. Just depends on if anything stressful has happened in his day. I know of other people with children like him that also uses it. We started it with a Dr.s advice and theraphist's advice. Wish I'd known about it when my 23 yr old was younger, because she never slept either.
Also a set bedtime and routine will also aid in this medicine working and make sure there are no tv's, music, etc on in or around that will do nothing but stimulate her more.
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Serenite Plus is supposed to work very well for children with ADHD. It's all-natural from what I read and very effective.

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I am ADHD and I can't sleep most of the time so I take Melatonin. You should talk with your doctor about the dosage though.  It seems to help me, although that might be Placebo.  I think it works fairly well, though.

I also read before bed that might also work.  But maybe if you tried something like the Placebo affect, sugar pills or something, also maybe up the dosage a little on the melatonin.  Good luck!

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