How Long Can A Cancer Patient Live Without Food And Water?


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It is probably different for everyone as it depends on the level of one’s illness and how much they are suffering but the normal time a patient can normally survive without food and water can be anything from fourteen days onwards. There are some cases where patients have survived with nothing especially food intake for up to 50 days.
Yet water intake differs as we are made up of a lot of water. Water wise it is normally around 4 or 5 days whereas the body can survive a lot long without food. A human body can resist water or food for around 8-14 days depending on the person and how fast fluids are leaving the body such as sweat, urine, and tears.
Some patients for one reason or another may go on hunger strikes which may involve prolonged periods of not eating which can last not only days and weeks but sometimes months as the body is a strong machine that is made up mostly of water.
As patients are doing anything and not exerting any physical energy they will be able to go longer without water or food. Yet you will need to take into account the particular circumstances of the patient and if they are doing a strike of their own free will.
It is believe a woman who was almost 100 years old survived 8 days without drinking or eating anything under the rubble after an earthquake devastated Iran in January 2004. It does really depend on the person’s system as at the end of the day we are all different.
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Yeah.  That's what I thought too.  My mom is still hanging on after 2 weeks with no food or water.
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About as long as anyone else maybe a day or two short

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