Can You Get Shingles All Over Your Body?


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Yes it is possible for someone to get shingles all over your body. However, this is quite rare as it usually spreads to just one side of your body. The most common areas for shingles to be present are the bottom and thighs. But, it can also appear on the face, arms or legs if nerves in these areas are involved.

Shingles is caused by the Herpes zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chicken pox. This is not as contagious as chicken pox, and it is only likely you will be affected by it if you have not had chicken pox as this is the form it usually travels as to other bodies. So, if you have already had chicken pox you are at a lot less risk or catching the virus. The reason for this reoccurrence of the virus is not yet clear but it is thought a weakened immune system makes you more susceptible to this virus, and the elderly are also more at risk of having the virus attack the body again.

One of the serious complications of shingles is blisters near the eyes and on the tip of the nose. If these blisters are not cared for properly, they could cause serious and permanent eye damage. If blisters appear near your eyes you should go straight to the doctor who will most likely refer you to an ophthalmologist to ensure damage is limited.

Initial symptoms of shingles is usually a burning, tingling or extreme sensitivity in one area which after a few days turns into a red rash which then turns into clusters of blisters with a similar appearance as chicken pox. As soon as symptoms of shingles appear, consult your doctor as the earlier you receive treatment the quicker the recovery time.
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Yes you can get shingles over your entire body. In my case, I was under an extremely high stress situation where I had to choose between my family and my good judgement. The impossibility of it I believe reduced my immune system.
I was praying in a chair and fell asleep, when I woke up a couple hours later, I was covered head to toe, I had a fever, and I was in pain.
I went to the doctor. Pointless. I was given oatmeal to take a bath with. There was nothing to address the nerve pain, which was continuous and acute.
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Yes it can be all over your body. I am 26 and have shingles. The rash still starts on only one side of my ribs but I always get it all over by the time its through. Its not as blistery as when it stays in one place but it still sucks.
I haven't had much luck with antiviral meds but try BHT it is a food preservative that I got at a health food store. It has helped more than my other meds. Its called butylated hydroxytoluene. Its a synthetic antioxidant.
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Yes, you can get shingles all over your body.  My son got them when he
was 13.. Scariest thing ever!

We were placed in an isolation room of a
top hospital, they took pictures and samples and he is now in medical
books so others can learn from what happened to him. 

They say you are
usually older (65+) or have a weakened immune system; but after many,
many tests by top experts they came out with no answers as to why he got
them in the first place since he was so young, and all his tests came
back 100% healthy, no allergies, no immune problems.

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It sounds like you might have scabies, check out this link...


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