How Ringworm Infection Can Spread In Human Body?


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Ringworm can spread through several kinds of contact but few of them are as follows:
• Contact with Human- The common cause of spreading of ringworm is direct contact with the person who is infected. It can also It can also spread from one body part to another body part for example from hands to feet, or from feet to hands of the same person.

• Contact with Animal– Contact of humans with infected animals is another cause of spreading of ringworm. This is spread by touching, grooming or by patting them. From infected cats, dogs, goats, cows, and horses and so on can transfer ringworm in farmers, children and people who have pets and who work with them.

• Contact with Object– Another common cause of spreading ringworm is indirect contact with object that are touched or used by the infected person or animal. Objects like door, lock, comb, telephone, clothing, hat, brush, towels, bed and so on.

• Contact with Soil – This is not a common cause but still ringworm is transferred in human by contact with infected soil.

One can easily get infected from places like. Locker rooms, showers and so on because fungi live in damp and soggy places/ surface.
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How long from contact with an animal that has ringworms until a human show signs of have a ringworm?

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