How Fast Can Mrca Spread?


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I believe you are referring to MRSA, which stands for Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The disease is basically an infection that is caused by a bacteria. MRSA is very contagious. It causes small red pimples or boils, which convert into deep and painful abscesses, which require surgical treatment. It can be transferred from one individual to another by a simple skin contact. It is also spread through cuts and wounds. Thus, MRSA can spread very fast from one individual to another.
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MRSA can spread at a fast rate but no farther then any other " sickness" Also this fear of MRSA is being blown up only because it started hitting a younger age group. I work in the ER and MRSA is always been around. It does start out as a small zit like bump and if it isn't treated it starts to " eat" away at the skin. It's a staff infection and some meds do nothing to prevent to spread of it. MRSA in its worst stages looks almost like gang green. Like have MRSA of the foot .. Loss of toes. Very red and boil looking. Pussing and tender. If you touch that with out gloves you will most likely get MRSA . Wash your hands always!

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