Why After Cycling Do My Legs Ache Once I Am Relaxed?


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Crying is a very physical thing and a person may tense up all their muscles. Once you relax, not so tense, and no longer crying, the pain from crying may come out in other ways. Some feel it in their stomachs, some feel weak and need to drink something, it all depends on how strongly you reacted
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I know people are going to jump in here and say "its the build up of lactic acid". B.S. That is a myth which has been proven in repeatable scientific tests and studies to be NOT TRUE. Muscle fatigue and soreness is prompted by an accumulation of protons within the muscles, which is caused by the breakdown of glycogen, the stored carbohydrate that helps to fuel exercise.
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When I walk which I do 4 miles a day when I sit to cool down it is hard to walk after I get up my legs hurt and feel week this also happens when I ride a ways and do not walk could this be lack of calicum or one of my medicines
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I have read about the advantages of using Compression tights for cycling.Apparently during effort, Compression tights reduce lactic acid and shocks. This protects you from muscular fatigue and damage. After training or racing Compression tights apparently also speeds up recovery and leaves you feeling great.

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