I Am Extremely Tired,my Scalp Is Tender,my Legs Ache, I Hurt Over My Kidneys, I Have A Strange Rash On One Lower Leg, It Doesn't Itch Or Anything. What Is Wrong With Me?


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I don't know where to turn ok? I can't think. I don't pee. I'm dehydrated. I'm not hungry. I have to eat. She is praying for me. You aren't here. I'm about to give up. My dream is EXTREMELY significant. Or I'm crazy. Got it? Where do I turn? Where. I am not an fbi agent. I'm just a girl who has surpassed her "gift" all her life and been convinced she is a witch / bipolar by her extremely religious mother who has her daddy convinced the same. Son is on board. I am OVER AND OUT a month ago. What do you want from me? Just say it. I'm down to 83.5. You want 80 lbs> ? Ok. Give me another week.
I am paranoid as hell, as is my right. I don't know who or where my safety is, everybody is watching me? Or I'm imagining everything. They are in there. Time to go. Jeanne is waiting on me. One safe place. One. In the whole world.

Can I google safely? I need to research.

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