Why Does Our Temperature Rise When We Are Ill?


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When we are ill our body temperature increases so that we can fight off the infections. The body tries to trick the infection into believing that if it is hot, it will be too warm for the infection or virus to survive. By making ourselves hotter than usual, it makes the invading organisms feel uncomfortable ~ ingenious huh?
However, this is not always a good thing for the body to do. Normal body temperature should be around 37 degrees centigrade. When the body feels unwell with a minor virus such as a cold, it will increase to around 39 degrees. If the body's temperature rises to above 40 degrees, this can cause fainting, dehydration, vomiting and headaches. At 42 degrees the person has a high risk of being comatose and the heart rate will either dramatically increase or decrease. One degree higher and at the very least the person will suffer brain damage and possibly death. Any higher and this usually results in death for the person, however, there have been records of people reaching 44 degrees and surviving.
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I take it you are going by Celsius, correct, because if the human body was 42 degrees Farenheight it would be dead.
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Your body raises its temperature to fight off the virus as a virus cannot duplicate itself when your body temperature is above a 101 and in that way gives your antibodies time to fight off the virus.  A temperature is good don't take anything to lower it as lowering the body temperature allows the virus to replicate.  Stay warm, drink fluids and rest
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To fight with the bacteria or harmful things in the body our internal immune system tries to fight with it say tries to block its activities. In the process the body starts getting warm. To give rest to the already active body immune system we need to take medication to ring back our body to normal temperature. Take Care!
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When you run fever that is your body trying to fight off infection. Most of the time when you run fever you have some sort of infection.

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