Do You Think Bipolar Can Be Caused By Mistreatment Or Is It Connected With Ones Birth?


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YES !!! And I'll tell you how I know...

Everything that happens in your life turns you into the person you grow up to be I have many psychological problems including bi polar mania that were all caused by my mother and the emotional abuse she put on me and the physical abuse she LET others put me through if not for these things happening in my life I would be as perfect as the day I was born.

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Sarah Klimko answered
Bipolar disease is genetic and has to do with the chemical imbalances in your brain.  Many bipolar people do well with medications. But certainly mistreatment will make any disease worse.  That is the way the human soul/psyche seems to operate. Give an ill person love and hope and they will fight harder against whatever problems that they have, but do the opposite and they will wither under all of the pressure.  Many people argue about nature vs nurture, but they really are very intricately entwined.
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I am bipolar and so is the rest of my family, my doc said it is hereditary in my family. Her disorder wasn't caused by the mistreatment, but mistreatment makes the symptoms worse.
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No bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is hereditary. The talking down to someone that has that will worsen it.

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