What's the worst type of sexually-transmitted disease (STD)?


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You could argue that most STD's are bad... But this is a list of the world's worst, in terms of how terrible they actually are:

1. HIV/AIDS - is probably the sexually-transmitted disease that causes the most fear and concern. The disease is fatal, and living with HIV or AIDS is not easy.

The virus attacks the body's immune system, leaving it open to infections like tuberculosis or pneumonia, as well as to various forms of cancer.

2. Syphilis - is treatable, but still very unpleasant. Symptoms of syphilis are easily mistakable for those of flu (or other illnesses), which is why the disease often remains undiagnosed for years.

If left untreated - syphilis will attack the brain, heart, eyes and joints - and can even lead to paralysis or death.

3. Hepatitis - is an STD that comes in various different "strains". Hepatitis B & C are considered the most serious strains, and cause painful liver damage, and also death.
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All STD's are bad! Some are curable like syphilis, but some are permanent like herpes, and HIV.

HIV is probably the worst because it will turn into AIDS. AIDS usually isn't what kills people, though - it's an auto-immune disease, so the body attacks itself and because defenceless against even the common cold - and people will die from the cold or the flu.

Don't think of what's the worst, just prevent yourself from getting one. Be in a monogamous relationship, both of you get tested before having sex for the first time, and if you're not a one-person kind of person, then always use a condom. It only takes once, but remember also that a condom isn't 100% at preventing STD's or pregnancy.
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The kind where there's no cure.

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I would say the worst STD to get is either HIV or herpes. Both are for life.

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