How Do You Know If Someone Is A Heavy Sleeper?


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A heavy sleeper is basically someone who is able to go into a deep sleep and remain undisturbed throughout the night, even under conditions where most people would struggle to keep their eyes closed.

According to Harvard scientists, heavy sleeping has something to do with the way the brain filters out noises whilst you sleep.

How to tell if you're a heavy sleeper?

If you're curious to know if you're a heavy sleeper, why not try out the following heavy sleeper test:

  • Set your alarm clock to go off at exactly 3 am.
  • Have the alarm near the side of your head or near your ear
  • Arrange for someone to slam your bedroom door really loudly in the middle of the night
  • Go to sleep with the TV on maximum volume
  • Try filming yourself sleeping in a noisy environment
If you manage to get some shut-eye during all of the above, I think it's safe to assume that you are a sound sleeper.

How to treat heavy sleeping
For most people, being a heavy sleeper doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

Getting a good night's sleep is something that many people struggle to achieve, so for this reason being a heavy sleeper can be seen as a blessing.

But if you think about it, there are also a number of situations where heavy sleepers are at a disadvantage. In fact, the condition can be downright dangerous.

Consider what a heavy sleeper would do if:

  • They had a young baby to feed several times a night
  • If they consistently overslept and were late for work/school/appointments
  • If there was a house fire
  • If an intruder broke into the house
If you're a heavy sleeper, there's a chance that none of the above scenarios will interrupt your sleep.

Maxing the volume on things like fire alarms and intruder alarms is a good solution.

And as far as alarm clocks go, Health Magazine has a really interesting list of 10 alarm clocks that are designed for heavy sleepers (including a dumbbell-shaped alarm that only stops once you've done 30 bicep curls with it).
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If they don't wake up until the morning.
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Yell in their ear and see if they wake up... Or bang pans near them!

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