Is Calcified Granuloma In The Lung Some Form Of Cancer?Is It A Bad Thing That Cannot Be Cured?


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A calcified granuloma is not a sign of lung cancer - more often than not they do not require any major treatment. A granuloma is an inflamed area which can become this way through injury and illness. Granulomas are most frequently found in the lungs but it is not uncommon to find them elsewhere in the body. They do not tend to cause any major symptoms and are often found accidentally when you are x-rayed for another reason. Granulomas are not cancerous masses; however they can appear similar to cancer when they show up on an x-ray which is where the confusion may lie.

Histoplasmosis is the most common cause of lung granulomas in the United States. This infection is fungal and is easily treated; however it can result in the formation of granulomas which can stay undetected for many years. This type of granuloma tends to be visible on x-rays due to the fact that they have become calcified and consequently have a similar density as bone. 

If the granuloma has calcified a doctor may diagnose it by looking at a chest x-ray or, if it has not calcified, using a computerised tomography (CT) scan. This can detect the calcium that may not have shown up on the x-ray. Granulomas do not generally cause any symptoms or damage and so very rarely require treatment.
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What is:   Nodule seen on chest x.ray in the left lower lobe is a calcified granuloma?   CT chest without contrast taken 7-9-10?  
A 4X 7 mm diameter nodule is seen anteriorly in the right middle lobe (image 61), not calcified.
A pericardial effusion is present . There is no pleural effusion. ?
Included portion of the left kidney shows what appears to be thin renal parenchyma with dilatation of the included portion of the left renal pelvis?
Thanks, Ray L Sanders
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Granuloma in the lung can be caused because of the nodular inflammation and this is possible that the calcified granuloma may cause because of TB.
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Is calcified granuloma curable?
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Calcified granulomas are from any inflamation that the body has dealt with for a long time.  Histoplasmosis is one of the most common causes in the lungs (most cases of TB are hospital or human contact).  Most people that have Histoplasmosis don't even know they have it, it is a fungal infection most often from a dirty cat box.

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