I Am Having Contraction Like Pain In My Cervix But I Am Not Pregnant What Does This Mean ?


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I have been suffering pain internally for 2years now since I gave birth to my 2year old son I had a normal birth no complications, I have still not been able 2regain a normal sex life because it is severely painful, I bleed from time to time, it burns after intercourse and I get deep pains in my stomach in the last year I have had a hernia operation and my gallbladder removed and I am still suffering pain, ive been back and forth to the doctor's had tests and scans and nothing shows up, now for the past month or so I have been suffering from contraction pains but I am not pregnant, the pain lasts for 10-15mins then wears off and sometimes comes back again what is wrong?????
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You should go to the doctor if the pain continues and get an ultra sound or a cat, scan can that could be a cyst appendicitis or something serious.
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You MIGHT have cervical cancer. See a doctor. They can tell you what you should do.
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I recently had a partial hysterectomy because of pain in my cervix and heavy bleeding causing me to be anemic. You should see your doctor right away. Peace

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