What Makes You Feel Sick And Weak And Gives You Chills?


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Normally, body weakness are present secondary to such diseases that manifest fever, chills, muscle ache. Clinical manifestations of chills and body weakness are almost present in viral and bacterial infectious processes. In conditions such as malaria, dengue fever, influenza, common cold, meningitis, encephalitis, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), viral gastroenteritis, typhus, etc.; chills and body weakness are highly evident. Often, body weakness are accompanied by fatigue and body pain. Chills are body's compensatory mechanism to increase body temperature thus helping to fight infection. Chills may result to fever and fatigue that causes body weakness.

To sum it up, chills, fever, fatigue and body weakness are part of the loop of symptoms that is brought by our body's inflammatory process that enable us to fight infection from pathogenic organisms.

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