What Happens When You Get Chills, But No Fever, Headaches And Body Shakes? What Causes That?


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There are many explanations as to why people get chills without any other symptoms. Some of the explanations are medically related and some are based more on superstition.
Often referred to as 'chicken skin' for the physical appearance that chilled skin has, in folklore it has been explained away as someone walking across your grave. This is particularly creepy since the person experiencing the chills is presumably still alive. There is also the folk tale that speaks of an apparition being in the room when cold chills develop on the skin.

Medically speaking, it could be a number of things. Sometimes, a nutritional deficiency will cause your skin to go cold as your body has trouble acclimating its temperature. Increasing your intake of Vitamin B might help with this. Anemia is another cause of feeling cold all at once and increasing your iron intake, either through tablets or foods that are rich in iron, can help alleviate the symptoms of anemia.

Cold chill might also be a sign of an impending infection, even if you are not experiencing any other symptoms at the present time. Sometimes, an impending bronchial infection, sinus infection and even kidney infection can cause your body temperature to rise and fall quickly thus leading to the chills.

Menopausal women often get both cold chills and hot flashes as their body acclimates to the changes that it is going through. This is a hormonal response.

Unless you experience any other symptoms with the chills then they are normally not anything to worry about. Increasing your vitamins, getting plenty of rest and exercise and eating in a healthy manner seems to be the best way to avoid them.

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