Why Would Adult Develop Soft Spots On Either Side Of The Skull?


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  • Should I see my doctor?

If you have a medical condition that you are worried about you should always make an appointment to see your doctor immediately. Your doctor will be able to establish whether have a medical condition that needs treating and can begin medication as soon as possible.

If there is not a problem your doctor will also be able to reassure you and put your mind at rest so you are not worried about the condition. If you suffer from headaches and fatigue you should definitely consult your doctor immediately and you may be booked in for an MRI scan to check that everything is fine.

  • What could cause soft spots on an adult's head?

It has been suggested that dehydration can lead to soft spots on the head. The brain needs so much moisture to function properly that it will take it from all the areas surrounding it when you are dehydrated. If you have been severely dehydrated for some time you may find that you have soft spots. If you are currently dehydrated you should try to drink as much water as possible and then drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

It could be that the skull has not formed properly and there may be a gap between the skull. An incident such a bang to the head could force the skull further apart which may be why you have only just noticed the soft spot.

Many people who have soft spots on their head find that it can be sensitive and may be more sensitive at times when they are ill. You should keep track of the times when it feels sensitive and let your doctor know as it may help with a diagnosis.
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Soft spots in adults can appear on side and their function is to support the skull in avoiding injuries.
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Just to give support to the skull of the head to avoid from the severe injury of the head.
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There are temporal bones on either sides of the skull. Either of a pair of compound bones forming the sides and base of the skull.
The temporal bone supports that part of the face known as the temple. The main purpose of the temporal bones is to give support to the skull.

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