If My Girl Has A Yeast Infection And I Eat Her Out Can I Get A Yeast Infection In My Mouth?


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You do not want to do anything until you both have been treated and cleared.
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She needs to get it treated and if you have been sexually active you should also so you don't transfer it back and fourth.  Don't do anything until you get it treated.
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I certainly hope so, since you asked this question on a family site, where we try to keep it innocent enough for young people...*p
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Sorry, knee jerk reaction! I realize different people have different values. I would just like to see this site 'family friendly'.
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Oh shut up, its a health question that is important and your kids should not be on here if they are younger then 13 and at 13 they should have general knowledge about all that, dont ever wish that on someone your more immature then your making him seem for posting on a family site.

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