How Can I Treat A Yeast Infection At Home?


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A 'Yeast infection' is a condition that affects the vagina, and is caused by a bacterial organism called Candidiasis.

According to the internet, there are a number of homemade remedies that will help you fight off a yeast infection.

I've done some research of my own, and here are some idea you might want to try:

How to treat a yeast infection

Firstly, I probably should mention that there are plenty of antibiotics that you can get prescribed from your doctor. Your health 'down there' is important, so that may be one option you should consider.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people like me who (because of our bad reactions to a lot of antibiotics) tend to try out natural homemade cures first.

According to what I've read on the internet, the following are all effective cures against yeast infection:
  • Insert unpasteurized, plain yogurt into the vagina with a spatula for three to seven nights until the symptoms disappear.
  • Insert a garlic clove covered in gauze into the vagina and keep it there for twelve hours
I've not yet tried any of the above methods, but I intend to if I get a recurrence, so I'll log on here and let you guys know!

Homemade cures for yeast infection

As far as remedies I have tried, they mainly consist of changes to my diet.

Consuming any of the following will definitely have some effect, although I personally feel they don't tackle the problem as quickly as I'd like:

  • Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Eating garlic
  • Eating pro-biotic yogurt

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I honestly wouldn't recommend using the tampon dipped in yogurt method listed in the last post!

Yogurt is made with sugar which can exacerbate an infection... Bad, bad, bad idea!

If you have a Dollar Store near you, they sell Creme for Vaginal Infection/Yeast Infection.

Also, I'd suggest warm baths in Epsom salt...

Sleep without clothing on your bottom half so the area can get plenty of air.
WitchHazel also soothes irritated skin. Don't forget to drink plenty of clear fluids.
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Candida, or yeast infections, are most common in teenage girls and women up to age 35 (although they can occur in girls as young as 10 or 11).

Other sufferers include older women, and, rarely, men and boys . You do not have to be sexually active to get a yeast infection.

Nonprescription medicines can be used to treat recurring vaginal yeast infections. But if you've never been treated for a yeast infection, you should see a doctor.

Your doctor may advise you to use an over-the-counter product or prescribe Diflucan (fluconazole), a tablet taken by mouth just once.

In addition to intense itching, a symptom of a vaginal yeast infection in females is a white, thick, odorless discharge. Other symptoms include soreness, a rash on the outer lips of the vagina, and burning (especially during urination).

The best way to avoid getting yeast infections is not to have sex. Using a condom will help prevent transmission of infections between partners.

Yeast infections thrive in a warm, humid environment: So wear loose, natural-fiber clothing, and underwear with a cotton crotch.

Limit the wearing of panty hose, tights, leggings, nylon underwear, and tight jeans.

Dry off quickly and thoroughly after bathing and swimming, and don't stay in a wet swimsuit for hours.
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Try using tampons soaked in equal parts water & vinegar - change it out as often as you normally would on your period.

I have no luck with over-the-counter remedies and I always have to wait for prescriptions, but this ALWAYS works for me!
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The thing I use is plain yoghurt: Just rub it on to the areas needed and it will dry.
Do this a couple of times a day for at least 5 days.

Hope this helps, let me know.

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