Does Women Enjoy While Having Sex? Why Do Men Like Women's Breast?


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Nouman Umar answered
Yes women also enjoy sex with men. The reason is that both men and women have same feelings so both of them enjoy sex. Most of women feel comfortable if they are using appropriate positions. Its the beauty that God has created in women by providing them different types of breasts. Liking breast is a psychological phenomenon with every men.

muhammad rizwan Profile
muhammad rizwan answered
Yes women also enjoy while having sex. It is a natural spirit that based on the rule "give something and take something".she does not make it first owing to her shy.

Something that is different in man and women is her ups and downs.And that's why man is always seemed to be interested in her brest or downs.

In foreplay before sex, man and woman, both are exited very much in a game of sucking, rubbing, squeezing and massaging of brest.

I think, you have gotten my point.

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