Can Women Go Bald?


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Although baldness is very common in middle aged men, it is not regarded as a problem in women but as many as 20 per cent of women can experience hair loss during their lives. Some hair loss is usually seen as women get older, particularly as a result of hormonal changes after the menopause. Illness can also result in heavy hair loss, as can chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, although these tend to be temporary.

Women don't go bald in the same way as men, who show a distinct M pattern of baldness on the forehead with another patch on the crown on top of the head. Women tend to lose their hair evenly all over the scalp and end up with much thinner hair, with the scalp showing through more easily, or with denser and lighter patches.

Women are more likely to wear a wig or hair extensions but hair transplants are available to women.
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Their is no history of females going bald in my family both on my mother or fathers side. But my sister said today that she was losing her hair but both my sister and myself have thin hair. Is their I way I can find out if I have it or not and how I can try to myself from going bald? Please Help.

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