What Do Ridges On The Fingernails Mean?


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Vertical nail ridges aren’t commonly thought to be a problem, but a hereditary feature which cannot be helped. Although they can be a nuisance due to making your nails more brittle and easily damaged, using strengthening nail polish or simply taking care of them can prevent this from occurring. Horizontal ridges, on the other hand, are more usually linked to changes with your body, which is why people are more likely to take note if these ridges appear.

For both cases of nail ridges, the most common causes are due to natural changes in the shape of your nail bed over time, which leads to uneven growth along the nails and gives the ridge appearance. Especially as you age, this becomes more common, although for younger people it can be a sign of lack of sufficient nutrients in your diet, so you may want to ensure that you are eating enough healthly foods in order to address this. It’s a good way of monitoring your general state of health and therefore do keep watch of your nails over time for any changes. If you are really worried, consult your doctor, especially if the ridges are accompanied by other changes such as abnormal paleness, yellowing or damage. In this case, it could be a signal for health problems such as malnutrition or respiratory disease, so never be too careful.

Finally, ridges in nails can be linked to dehydration. If you are someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water, this can eventually deprive your nails of the moisture they need, resulting in less healthy, more brittle nails. Try to drink two litres of water a day, as this helps your health in so many ways, not just in relation to your nails!
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Vertical ridges that appear on the nail can indicate iron deficiency and poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Ridges and bumpy nails, can also mean that you are prone to developing arthritis. Ridges running horizontally across the nail can indicate physical or mental stress. Consult your doctor. This is stuff I've read up on.
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Vertical fingernail ridges  start under the cuticle and extend to the end of the nail. These are not to be confused with horizontal nail ridges (running across the nail).

The actual source or cause of these vertical ridges isn't unknown, but heredity is thought to play a role. These ridges tend to become more prominent as we age. Vertical ridges do not pose a health problem - although sometimes the nail becomes weaker at these ridges and will split.

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Don't confuse vertical ridges with horizontal ridges. If your have HORIZONTAL ridges or your nail changes color, you should see your doctor as this could indicate a health problem.

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The Mayo Clinic states that Vertical Ridges are not a sign of disease but of aging!!!!
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Vertical Ridges in Finger nails indicate many health problems such as:
- Iron deficiency
- Poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients
- Overall poor health
- Kidney problems
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It can be caused by nutrient deprivation, or stress either mental or physical
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Its because of protein and/or calcium deficiency. Have you suffered from illness recently??
Do you eat enough or of the right things?? Are your nails brittle too?
Anorexia, bulimia or just bad diets are one one the causes of this as well as pregnancy.
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I ve always had long brown hair. I'm 47 yrs old.  Approx. 3 yrs ago, my hair started changing texture ie: Dry brittle like straw. Unruly. When I brush it after I wash it, handfuls of hair come out.  Also. My hair breaks off in little pieces  my split end   are massive
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I found this on WebMD:


this will tell you what ridges on the fingernails mean healthwise.  I tried to send it but it was disapproved.  You will have to go to the link and view.
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Do the ridges run across the nail, or from cuticle to tip?
If they run across the nail they are called "Beau's lines".  These ridges are due to irregularities in the nails growth.  This may be from trauma - such as hitting your finger with a hammer, or because you have had a serious illness or shock within the last few months, or because there has been some interruption in the blood supply to that finger.  However, some peoples nails grow irregularly for no discernible reason.
If the ridges run from cuticle to tip this again may just be a personal peculiarity.  Or it can indicate some illness.  These could include psoriasis, and various autoimmune diseases.
Ridging can also be caused by nail biting, persistant fiddling with the nails (onychotillomania) or over zealous manicure.
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It seems just in the last few months all my fingernails have developed  vertical ridges. Is this a sign of anything?
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Show this to a doctor. Believe it or not, many diagnosis resulte from being able to read nails, some are extreme of course, but many symptoms, like jaundice, liver problems etc. Have been detected through looking at nails.  That is why when you go into surgery, if a person is wearing nail polish, it is removed as this will give an indication of lack of blood flow etc.  Only an expert can tell by sight
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It seems that because of the ulcers I have had, I haven't been able to absorb the nutrients needed, out of my food and that's why I have developed long ridges on my nails and subsequently have lost a lot of my hair, which is also very brittle.
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Hi, I've had bumpy nails for a while. It doesn't look anything like nail psoriasis. There are several horizontal bumps and a few vertical ones as well. It looks extremely unappealing and I wish it would go away. What do I do? Is there something wrong with them?

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