How Are Infectious Diseases Transmitted?


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Among them are contamination, sexual transmission, animal blood transmission, air borne transmission and direct contacts.

Contamination of food, water and other eatables with infected materials like faces or urine causes the spread of disease. The infection also occurs through vaginal intercourse or oral sex. The use of condoms may lessen the extent of infection. Transmission of disease through animal blood transmission can occur through the injection of contaminated blood or blood products or by unsterilised instruments. It is the most common among haemophiliacs and intravenous drug users and is occasionally the result of tattooing or acupuncture.

Air borne diseases are transmitted through infected droplets in the air from nose or throat or dust particles.

Close contacts with infected persons can also cause infectious diseases. These diseases are considered as infectious and can cause substantial discomfort for the patients and sometimes can be of serious nature and even can be life threatening. In order to avoid these diseases it is important that important precautionary measures must be taken so that harmful viruses are transmitted inside the blood which resultantly can create different infectious diseases. So better the ability to restrict yourself better your health will be and better living you will live.

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