What Is Bacterial Vaginosis?


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Bacterial Vaginosis is a really common problem for women and it is caused by a single bacterium. Generally the bacterium overgrows and it causes a discharge which is a white/grey colour. There is often a fishy smell which comes with the condition and the discharge tends to appear more after your period or after having sex.

It is thought that at least one in ten women has the condition at sometime in their lives, and women of childbearing age are usually the ones who develop it. It is not a sexually transmitted disease and it can occur even if you do not have sex. There are some cases where a change in sexual partner can flare up the condition, but that is down to the bacteria becoming unsettled. If you do have the condition it is harmless, it can just be annoying! It is usually treated with Metronidazole tablets which are usually taken for around seven days.
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It is a vaginal condition in which there is a discharge of a substance caused by the overgrowth of bacteria infections found in the vagina.

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