Why Do You Think Food Poisoning Has Become More Common In Recent Years?


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There are a number of different theories for the increase in food poisoning in recent years with the most obvious being better diagnosis of the issue. In previous times some food poisoning would be put down to sickness or an upset stomach - nowadays it can be labeled food poisoning.

Another obvious reason for the increase is that more chemicals are involved in the food chain. Most modern day food will have been in contact with fertilizers, preservatives and coloring before it reaches the dining room. Whilst every effort is made in researching these additives there can never be a complete guarantee that certain foodstuffs won't react with others or will disagree with an individuals metabolism.

Preservatives and advanced growing methods are now an everyday part of the food chain and are price driven- customers want to pay the cheapest prices for foods and that requires economy measures in the production chain. Evidence of that is the higher prices, and lower demand, for organically produced foods.

Another aspect in the growth of food poisoning is the rise in fast food outlets. Although these businesses are licensed it is much harder to control mobile food operating at the side of the highway or serving fast food late at night to customers who are possibly not as concerned as they would be at other times with hygiene issues.

With all of these issues combined it's no real surprise that there has been a rise in cases of food poisoning. Whilst government agencies strive to maintain standards it's a fact of life that technology is constantly delivering ways of increasing the quantities of food reaching the customer and whilst price is such an important issue it is almost inevitable that some problems will work their way into the system.

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