What's The Typical Amount Of Time Before A Sprained Knee Is Fully Recovered?


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Well I can tell you that I sprained my left ankle in April and I expected it to be better within a month too. It would seem to get better then it would swell more and be somewhat painful and then the swelling would go down again only to come back a short while later. I wouldn't worry unless you have excessive pain. My ankle still shows signs of being sprained and it's been 4 months. I went on an hour and a half walk. Shortly after the walk my ankle hurt like it did before but only for a short time and I've had no swelling for a long time. I would not rush the healing process. Allow a good amount of time for it heal and I would prop your knee up when you're on the couch and also ice it some to keep the swelling down. And take tylenol or whatever your doctor recommends every 4- 6 hours for the pain or achiness you feel. Allow yourself to get more sleep too. This will help your knee to heal faster and better.
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Sprained my knee 5 weeks ago. Severe pain, couldnt walk well at all, not much swelling, went to see orthopedist, gave me knee brace wore for a week, MO bid, but I can't take due to heart disease so took advil quid. Gets better w ice, but stretching exercises make it worse at times. No elastic brace yet, trying to do RICE again, which seems to help. Any ideas. When will I know I need PT. Xray showed no breaks or torn cartilage, had torn meniscus repaired on same knee 6yrs. Ago. Any feedback would be helpful.

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Thanks! It helps that you can relate. I'll continue to ice it. I was for a while, but then I stopped, assuming I didn't have to any more. I suppose I'll keep it up.
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I hate it when I do that! Stupid "comment" botton......
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You're very welcome. No worries. It takes a while to get used to some sites. I hope you're feeling better. It's hard when your body isn't doing what you need it to. Especially when there is pain involved. Is the ice helping you? I hope so. Take care.

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