How Do I Treat A Bruised Knee Cap?


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If someone has this sort of injury does not expect it to clear up quickly. It could take months rather than weeks and any pressure put on it could set the healing back. Always check with a doctor that it is just a bruise and then begin the treatment. It is an easy injury to get as often it is as a result of sports or just banging the knee against a hard surface.

It seems to be an injury that is not only painful but takes a long time to heal. One problem is that many doctors say not to bend the knee but that is not possible most of the time. It will be best to take painkillers as and when the pain is bad. There is no limit of how many to take with regards to the knee injury but don’t exceed the amount on the packet.

Stage 1 - apply ice to the kneecap at least three or four times a day. The pack should only be left in place for about 5 minutes at a time but it will help reduce the swelling.

Stage 2 - micro current therapy should be applied and this will prevent scar tissue as there will often be a cut to go with the bruise.

Stage 3 - keep the knee elevated as much as possible. Even if it is just up on another chair in the office and the settee at home it should help with the healing process.
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RICE is the general rule of thumb. It means:

And also that take up to 600 mg of ibuprofen
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Ice and rest.  Elevation of the extremity if need be.
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Ice your knee for a while then after 10 to 15 minutes take it off then bend your knee's a few times or soak your knee in some hot water for a while
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Injuries can cause small blood vessels to leak blood beneath skin. This condition can cause discoloration of skin of affected area and is called hematoma or bruise. Bruise can take days to months to heal depending upon severity of the problem. This can take more time when bruise occur on the skin covering bone like knee.
Most common treatment of bruise is to use packs of ice. Take complete rest. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs will be helpful to reduce pain. You should visit a doctor to know the stage and severity of the bruise because some bruise may take year to heal.
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I bruised my knee not around the knee cap, but rather below it.. That portion began swelling. I though it might be water on the knew, but it is somewhat hard.What treatment might be done for this. I would rather treat it my self before I see a doctor.
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Try to stay off it as much as you can.
I would also apply a cold ice pack on it for 10 minute intervals throughout the day, as well as massaging the area that is bruised.
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Put some ice on your knee for 10 minutes or so.
Leave for 5 minutes
Then put a knee strap on
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First put ice on it then use arnica gel every hour if you want it gone fat you have to harass the area
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I tripped at my desk, foot got tangled in a telephone wire, so my fall was easy and on carpet. Because I have commitments for the weekend, I immediately got an ice pack for my knee.hoping I could stop any swelling. There is no pain so I hope that the ice will relieve any swelling and hopefully, I have not damaged my knee. On my return this evening, should I go to bed with an ice pack or is the ice most effective immediately upon the accident/injury?

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