I Have A Red Itchy Bump On My Arm Its Small, Is It Mrsa?


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No, it's not MRSA, or @ least what you are describing aren't the symptoms I had when I did have MRSA. MRSA started off as this small pin sized white bump and it grew to the size of a boil. The bump was a huge knot and was filled with puss and blood and all kinds of bad stuff. It was uncomfortable to sleep because when you moved it would be irritated and red. Once at the doctor's office she squeezed it w/o numbing medicine and talk about PAIN. I've never had and kids but OH MY GOODNESS---IT HURT SO SO BAD!! But once she got all the bad stuff out and dressed the area it felt so much better. She placed me on a drum called Cipro (w/o insurance it is very high). And told me to change the dressings and to use and antibacterial soap such as DIal and to bath once a week with 1/2 cup of Clorox bleach and then take a shower to rinse off the excess of bleach. I hope this helps.

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