I Have A Small Cluster Of Red Itchy Bumps On My Back, And Small Bumps On My Tongue That Are Painful When I Eat. What Could This Be?


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Possibly a staff infection, tongue I would say yeast/thrush. I would definitely get into the doctors to get things checked out and he will give you something for it. It will not go away on it's own and could get worse.
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It should be examined by a doctor for possible infestation by parasitic larvae. Lumps & bumps on the tongue ain't normal...get you to a medical facility!
Or you can just wait to see in time if a butterfly or something leaves the cocoon!
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Daniel Tagliento
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Have you at this late date, gotten a medical evaluation of this condition yet?
Waiting on the nature cessation of the situation described is only a 'pipe dream' solution. How would your mother have had scolded you at this piont? Listen to her good advise!

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