What Is Mild Hepatomegaly With Fatty Infiltration?


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This is a mild case of fatty liver disease, which can also be referred to as hepatic steatosis, and although it can affect anybody, it is usually associated with people who are heavy drinkers. For those who do not drink too much, the most common causes are:

• Obesity
• Medications like steroids
• Diabetes
• Endocrine diseases such as Cushing syndrome
• Elevated triglycerides

Symptoms are usually mild with some patients not experiencing any symptoms at all. Any discomfort is often described as a dull ache and is in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, or in the space below the rib cage, to the right of the navel.

A doctor will be able to assess the size of a patient's liver from a physical examination, and the most common sign that someone has fatty liver disease is an enlarged liver, also known as hepatomegaly. If a doctor suspects that a liver is enlarged, he or she may very well send the patient to have some sort of imaging diagnosis such as an ultrasound, MRI or CT scan. The problem with these tests is that they are unable to determine whether an enlarged liver is a result of another problem, such as hepatitis. If a diagnosis is uncertain, a liver biopsy may be needed for clarification.

The results of this test may find that there are mildly raised levels of liver enzymes, which are indicative of liver damage and also of the release of cellular contents. More often than not, ALT and AST, which are amino-transferases will be slightly raised, although in 80% of cases where someone has fatty liver disease but who is not an alcoholic, these levels will be normal. In the majority of cases, alcoholics will always have a level of ALT that is higher than AST.

This type of medical issue is a signal that the liver has become enlarged, but that the organ itself is free of focal mass lesions. The state of having a fatty liver that is enlarged can be serious; however, it takes time to manifest symptoms. Often, people with this test result will not have any obvious symptoms; over time, if they don't change their lifestyle (by avoiding fatty foods, booze, and so on), they may begin to develop facial breakouts or other signs that the liver is being overly taxed by a poor diet and lifestyle.

  • Change can happen

This condition isn't irreversible; in fact, it is quite easy for a person with a fatty, enlarged liver to adopt a healthier lifestyle that assists the liver in repairing itself. The liver is a fascinating organ - it reacts to what it needs to process. For example, if a person is addicted to heroin, the liver will develop a tolerance, so the liver can clear out the last vestiges of the drug before another blast of the opiate enters a person's body.

  • The liver is an intelligent organ

The liver actually estimates when the next dose of any toxin will arrive, and gets rid of what is still present before that time - the reason the liver develops a tolerance is to keep the person alive. In the case of an enlarged liver with fatty changes, there is an excellent chance of reversal of the condition, since the liver is so "intelligent" and so able to change form based on what it encounters.

A qualified general physician is the best person to consult regarding a mild hepatomegaly with fatty changes and no focal mass lesion; after all, a layperson really doesn't have the specialized medical knowledge that a trained, certified medical professional spends years developing.
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Liver is enlarged in size measuring 16.5 cms in size and has mild diffuse fatty parenchymal achoes.
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It means that your liver is mildly larger and have mild fatty liver, I don't know your age or any health conditions that you have but it isn't something I would totally work my self up about. Best wishes

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