What Is An Enlarged Extrahepatic Duct? I Also Have Mild Diffuse Fatty Infiltration With Focal Fatty Sparing Around The Gallbladder.


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Our liver contains network of small ducts which connects liver and gall bladder to small intestine. These small ducts collect bile from the liver and combine together to form left and right hepatic bile ducts. These 2 ducts come out of the liver and combine together to form common hepatic duct. Portion of this common hepatic duct which is outside the liver is called extrahepatic duct. This extrahepatic duct joins with a duct from gall bladder to form common bile duct.
Enlargement of extrahepatic duct can be result of  any blockage due to stones, tumors (cancerous or noncancerous) or infection.
In my opinion you need further investigations like CT scan to know exact cause. Information given by you don't provide any confirm diagnosis. Your problems of pain can be due to stomach ulcer.
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Thank you for your answer. I had a CT scan and it said that the duct was enlarged to 10. Also showed I have a fatty liver.

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