What Is Catarrh?


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Catarrh a thick and unpleasant mucus which is caused by an inflammation or an irritation of the membranes which line the passages of the throat, the nose or the lungs.
We usually have a little mucus which acts as a lubricant and protector of these membranes, but too much mucus ends up as catarrh and is discharged via sneezing, a runny nose or sometimes by coughing. If the catarrh is very thick and green, then it may indicate a chest infection.
Decongestant nose drops can help alleviate the situation and there are also some tablets which can be purchased to get rid of the catarrh. Nasal inhalers can also help.
Antibiotics will only work if there is an infection. If the catarrh has been caused by the person having a viral infection, then antibiotics will be ineffective.
Some people believe that if you have a cold or catarrh then you should avoid dairy foods, because these stimulate the body to produce mucus, so avoiding them will reduce the catarrh.

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