What Is Cramping? And What Is Sore?


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Well cramps and getting sore are two entirely different statements. Cramps are sudden bursts of pain and can occur in any part of your body without warning and suddenly. One feels a sharp stab of pain and after a while it subsides as soon as it had come. They occur due to lack of calcium and numerous other reasons. Being sore means that one is tired or is aching from too much strenuous exercise or physical exertion. Many other ways by how a person can get sore. Hope this answers your question.
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Cramps are the involuntary and sudden spasmodic contraction of muscles leading to pain. It can be in uterus, legs stomach etc. Sore is any painful lesion of mucous membrane and skin.
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Cramping is nothing but a inhibit the development of any organism or enzyme and so on...

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