What Causes A Dropped Lung?


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Collapsed lung .Dropped .Lung .Collapse Pneumothorax.Ruptured Lung.
A person with a pneumothorax has air trapped in the space between the outside of the lung and the inside of the chest wall. The air enters the space when there is a hole in the surface of the lung, which allows air to leak form the lung and into the space.
The symptoms of a pneumothorax.
The most common symptom of a pneumothorax includes sharp chest pain located on one side of the chest. The pain usually worsens during coughing or while taking a deep breath. Additional symptoms of a pneumothorax include difficulty breathing, coughing blood, faintness, fainting, excessive sweating, and a rapid pulse. Symptoms of a severe pneumothorax may include cyanosis and symptoms of respiratory distress.

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