What Is Winter Itch?


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Winter itch is an itchy rash which is caused by the nasty winter weather. The skin feels extremely rough and like sandpaper, and it is mainly due to a lack of moisture. Our skin still needs to be kept moist in winter and usually drinking plenty of water will help to reduce the risk of developing winter itch. Other things you can do to avoid the condition include using mild soap, always drying yourself properly after washing, and avoiding extremely hot baths and showers. Hot water tends to dehydrate the skin and strip it of natural, essential oils leaving it dry and often damaged.

You should also apply moisturiser frequently, especially after a bath or shower, and reapply at least twice daily. When you go out into the harsh winter weather, always be sure to wear gloves and a scarf to keep the hands and neck protected. Using a humidifier will also help to keep the condition at bay. Overall, keeping the moisture locked into the skin should help to prevent winter itch.
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It is some sort of itchiness of the skin that is due to the cold weather in the country.

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