What Causes Total Body Itch?


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Total body itch can be caused by a number of very serious medical conditions. It can be a sign that you have real problems with your blood (especially, but not limited to, anaemia). It can also be related to dermatitis, parasites, general irritations, or dry skin. Or it can indicate liver failure, faulty digestion or even extremely serious psychological conditions or diseases.

The first category of factors which can produce total body itch encompasses environmental chemicals. If the exposure is not repeated and the quantity is low, the effect should be superficial and itching shouldn’t last for more than a few hours. Time is a good indicator: If the condition is the same or worse after two hours, you should seek immediate help. Most cases of accidental exposure can be treated easily as long as the patient reaches the hospital in time and he or she can communicate the name of the substance to the physician in charge.

Internal causes, such as those related to liver, digestion or problematic cellular metabolism should be taken care of ASAP, this is because at this level, total body itch can be a sign that the medical problem has generalized in the entire body. Make sure you inform the personnel about every single detail you are aware of. This can help the diagnosis process and speed up the treatment time.

As for the psychological factors, they are extremely diverse. Any intense feeling or sensation can trigger itchiness. Feeling awfully depressed, angry or scared can make your body react in such a manner. If you’re already aware of your condition, taking special medication as specified by your doctor can help. If not, try to keep track of these reactions and schedule an appointment to see what’s wrong. The good news is that total body itch can occur in healthy humans as a direct reaction to a strong stimulus, like loud noise, light or even stress. So you shouldn’t panic, just stay calm and try to determine the objective cause behind this.
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There can be many reasons for itching like Childhood Infections, Kidney and liver diseases combined with jaundice, Deficiencies of some vitamins and anemia. Take a look at this Article and  Tips for more. Consult specialist for some good treatments to overcome itch.
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Well as you are on Niacin for around 2 years, it will take a little more time to completely flush out of your body. Itching is a side effect of Naicin, as soon as Niacin gets out of your blood the itching would stop. Do not worry be patient. Better you consult a doctor as well.For more info on Niacin click here.

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