Can You Be Allergic To Molasses?


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My son is allergic to molasses. Brown sugar is white sugar with molasses in it. I feel bad to because it took me 11yrs to figure out that he was a allergic to it. It is in a lot of prepackaged food. It cause him not to eat, throw up and gave him the runs.
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Most allergies are to proteins.  Maybe even all allergies.  That's why no one is allergic to cream or butter; and that is why people with deadly allergies to peanuts can eat foods cooked in peanut oils.  None of these foods contain any proteins.  

But based on the number of people in my family allergic to brown sugar and molasses, I can tell you the answer to your question is "Yes."
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you can be allergic to butter. My daughter has a dairy allergy. Butter is dairy. SHe eats it, it's full on anaphylaxis, epipen and a 6 hour hospital stay

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