Can I Be Allergic To My Own Urine?


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It is very unlikely that your own urine would cause an allergic reaction in itself. My advice would be to examine any external elements (such as diet, bacterial infection etc...) that may be causing your symptoms. To come to a definite conclusion, your best bet is to pay your healthcare provider a visit.

Allergic to urine?
Urine, and specifically the proteins contained in urine, are the root of several human allergies.

In these cases, the urine in question is usually from another animal (such as a rodent, cat, or horse).
A case where a human is allergic to their own urine is unheard of, as far as I'm aware.

What I'd suggest is a quick examination of other factors that might be causing your allergic reaction.

The most common cause of allergic reactions are the following:
  • Pollen and plants
  • Insects and their saliva (transmitted through bites)
  • Certain types of food
  • Animal dandruff
If none of the above are likely causes, perhaps the following information might be of use to you in identifying the source of irritation:
  • The signs of an allergy usually develop instantly, although in certain cases (for example if an allergen is digested), an outbreak may take several hours to show up. Only the rarest cases involve reactions that show up after 24 hours.
  • Allergy to something is often a genetic trait. There may be a family medical history you'd like to examine.
  • Regular exposure to an allergen usually causes a more severe outbreak.
What might cause an allergy-like reaction?
The only way to really tell whether you are allergic to something is to suffer an outbreak, as even doctors have to use controlled exposure as a means of determining allergy.

As far as urine allergies go, mothers often mistakenly assume that rashes or redness caused by wearing a diaper is the sign of some sort of allergic reaction. This is a good example of why it is important to investigate all possible avenues.
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The same way people are allergic to their own sweat and the,9171,870969,00.html
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Your body must be producing something in your urine that your body is allergic to.

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