Where Can I Get A Laser Eye Treatment Done In Mumbai And How Much Would It Cost?


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The Best place to get your laser Eye treatment/lasik don is at Rushabh Eye Hospital and Laser Center-Mumbai India.
I had a number above 12 and was wearing soda glasses but after visiting the peaceful ambiance and well cooperative staff assurance I got my Custom Lasik done and I'm free from my ever exasperating specs.Thanks to Dr.Jayant Shah and I w'd recommend any body for lasik surgery at Rushabh Eye Hospital and laser Center.That w'd be the perfect and the best place to get the lasik done.Moreover their lasik is done by VISX  Star S4 which is used by NASA.

Check out the website: www.rushabheyehospital.com
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A good centre for laser eye treatment is Shroff Eye Hospital & LASIK CENTER, 222 S. V. Road, Bandra (West),Mumbai 400 050. INDIA. The cost of the treatment can be negotiated wih the doctor. For further information click here.
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In Mumbai there are lot of clinics and hospitals who provides best laser treatment in affordable price.check out this.
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