What Does A Tumor Feel Like?


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Please, do not listen to the above answers. If you honestly think you may have lymphoma (cancer originating in your lymphatic system) go to your doctor and request a FULL blood test. Often doctors will not do full blood tests without a request because they can be expensive so be sure and ask.
In answer to your question, a swollen lymph node does not really feel like much at all. It will be painless and firm to touch. Sometimes it is swollen so much that it is visible from outside the body. However, if your lymph node has been infected with malignant cancer cells you could have a range of symptoms from anemia (lack of red blood cells, show in the blood test), night sweats, exhaustion, itching....please see an accredited cancer site for more details on symptoms.
Finally, in response to the other post, cancer is a disease. It is not an accumulation of other "illnesses" but actually a singular cell that has mutated and led others to copy in its mutation so when the body is creating new cells, rather than a cell going to where it is supposed to, it mutated and joins the others in a tumor (obviously this is a generalized version, but the same basics)
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The tumor severity and symptoms can only be told when you know the size and location of the tumor. It damages vital tissues and put pressure on the brain. You feel headaches, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, abnormal eye movement, change in speech etc. For more information on the causes, symptoms and treatment, visit the link below.
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I need to know what is causing me so much pain on right side and middle of my stomach... I almost died of a perforated gastric ulcer in 1995 and because of injury I was taking anti-inflamatories in 2007-2010 and developed 4 more. I was all healed up and next scope is in September. I have sooo much pain on my right side now, feels like Indian burn, moves around and won't let up. I am back to work and do a lot of repetitive movement that my gastro feels (without tests) is my costochondritis giving me pain on this side. What the hell do I do. An MRI?
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Depends on the type of tumor and location.a lymphoma in the neck is painless with swelling.a brain tumor the size of a lemon could be painless yet cause mood swings,blurred vision,vomiting,seizures,etc.other tumors like of the bone marrow(luekemia)are painless but cause tiredness,weakness,fatigue.tumors of the colon,stomach can cause pain,vomiting,bloody bowel movements,loss of appetite,etc.cancer isn't a disease itself it is a combination of many illnesses.

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