How Deadly Is Mrsa?


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The death rate has risen and is still rising from MRSA, but there is one way to control the spread of MRSA and that is to use activated silver on the wound with MRSA and to use an alcohol hand gel to wash your hands so that you don't spread the infection. About the death rate yeah it is rising but if you are healthy then there is quiet a good possibility that you will be able to fight it. In the under 45 range 1 in 1million people die from it. We have had two people in our family that have had it. One died that was my mother and my aunt caught it but was able to fight it. You will still get some side effects even after it is treated such as tiredness from time to time. My aunt had the infection three years ago and she still gets tired from time to time and she gets other side effects from it.
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MRSA are dangerous because they are not only contagious but also difficult to treat because they are resistant to many antibiotics. These bacteria can enter blood stream if not treated on time and can cause systemic infection. For more details, visit MRSA.
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MRSA Methcillin Resistent Staph Auereus. The bacteria known as staph aeureus commonly lisves on our skin. The problem with the MRSA is that the overuse of antibiotic has created a form of this common bacteria that is resistant to antibiotis that would normally kill it. Mostly the penicillin group. While MRSA can be deadly, it is not flesh and bone eating ( at least I've never heard of such a case) but it is extremely hard to treat, and very easy to spread. Good hygiene, good handwashing and avoiding anyone known to have MRSA are good ways o avoid it. It can be treated, but it takes a long time to heal. Medications must be taken for a prolonged period of time and MUST all be taken. Speaking with your physician and even with your local health department can help with any questions. Good Luck!
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not sure how this answer wound up here since it was originally an answer to an entirely different question. How does that happen?
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sometimes, moderator will merge duplicate questions, do you remember what the original question was? is it all about "deadly mrsa"?
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MRSA is flesh living proof of that...i have MRSA and have had it for about 5 years now...i have a scar on my knee where it had ate all the way down to my bone....and the whole was as big as my pinky....i was also told by a doctor that if you were to get diabities and having it then it could kill you....if you catch MRSA in time you could get rid of it completely...but if not and it reaches your blood stream then you have it for good...
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My mom was in a motorcycle last year and had surgery on her right knee. A rod was placed in her knee because her bone was shattered. After having the surgery she developed MRSA. The doctors put her on many different antibiotics and had a lot of trouble getting rid of the infection. They were finally able to get it under controll even though it wasn't completely gone. But just recently my mom was taken back into the hospital and the infection has gotten worse. Will this ultmitly kill my mom if the doctors don't cure this nasty MRSA that my mom can't seem to get rid of?
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You can do a search of this bacterial infection on and on Their answers are based on research.
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The death rate from MRSA has risen over the years, well, at least reported cases have but this could be due to improved recording systems and also the high public profile of the disease.

For you, as a 19 year old, I don't think you have too much to worry about in terms of MRSA being fatal. The rate at which under 45's die from MRSA is around 1 to 1 million (at least, that is in the UK).

Good to hear though that you are starting your treatment anytime now. I'm sure all will go well for you. Take care now.
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Ok, MRSA will never go away,  once you get it, you have it for life. Good news though, you can get rid of it for a while......but it'll eventually come back, anywhere it wants to. It is fatal but as long as you have have check ups and go immediately to the hospital whenever you expect anything on your skin to be MRSA. Hope this helps

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