Is Mrsa Contagious?


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Yes  MRSA is contagious  it can be spread by having close contact with infected people, it is almost always spread by having direct contact not through the air  if someone has MRSA on their skin and touches you it can be spread also it can be spread through indirect contact like touching something they have touched that is infected.... It is also very hard to get rid of because it is and antiobiotic resistant infection is full name is methicillan resistant staphylococcus aureus it is a type of staph infection.... This is coming out of my state tested nurses aide book
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My friend has just been admitted to hospital for surgery, and has been diagnosed with mrsa in her nose, i went to see her yesterday, and before i went home she insisted i kiss her head, i am really worried now, can i get it
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Mrsa is very contagious. It is a contact infection. People can get this from the inside the nose into the sinus cavities as well. It can spread from there to an open wound or sore. Always wash hands real well if you are around mrsa.
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Yes Mrsa is indeed very highly contagious.You should be very careful in interacting with your cousin who has MRSA.Always wash hands after shaking them with him and hope that he gets treated asap.
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I have a two-week-old case of shingles. I still have some blisters. Can I catch MRSA from somebody who was hospitalized and has just recovered from it?
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I had mrsa and I had to stay indoors for 6 weeks and take 4 different antibiotics at one time. I wasn't aloud to go swimming and had to bleach everything
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We all have staph naturally inside our bodies. But developing Mrsa is a huge problem-it is extremely contagious. My grandfather caught Mrsa from a hospital, and that's where most people get it. Hospitals are filthy germ breeding places and I am so scared of them. You can go to the link I provided to read more about Mrsa.
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I have a 20 mo son that had a sore around his genital area he got antibiotics for it they swabbed it and called me three days later with the result of mrsa. The area looks better. But he is on another antibiotic. I also watch a one year old little boy they drink after each other and trade nook nooks pacifiers. Do I need the get the one year old checked for this mrsa

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