What Is The Treatment For Shih-tzu Skin Allergies Around The Eyes. Red Skin And Hair Under Eyes Gone- Happened Kind Of Fast?


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Lorie Kelly answered
I have 5 Shih Tzu's. Three have a skin problem I am always treating. I found out it mainly is caused by their immune system being off balance. It helped me by getting them off regular dog food for a couple weeks. L cooked chicken and rice or liver, added carrots, broccoli, green beans tomatoes, or zucinni.I add flax seed oil to their food. I then went to a dog food that is natural, has antioxidants and balances out their immune system. Some dogs are sensitive to yeast. Your dog may be suffering from a yeast infection in their system. Go to the web site. Www.askariel for the nutrition you need. That site helped me a lot.

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