What Does It Mean If You Wake Up With A Mask Around Your Eyes Of Red, Itching And Irritated Swollen Skin?


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It sounds as though you have some kind of skin allergy or irritation that has been caused by an allergic histamine reaction to something. It could be something in your sleep, like bed mites, or a reaction to your sheets or pillows. I have a similar allergy to certain metals such a copper and nickel, which after touching my face caused my entire face to swell up.

Take a seat, with a piece of paper and pencil and think back to the day before, or the evening before. Did you touch or eat anything unusual? Did it appear and disappear out of nowhere, these are good questions to ask yourself before consulting a doctor. Has it come back after sleep? Could you be allergic to your pillows. It is possible to purchase anti-allergy pillows, sheets and covers etc. This might be an option for you.

Wash all of your bed lining on a reasonably high temperature with a gentle detergent, it is important to assess what might be causing this and taking each area one by one you could possible work it out by means of elimination. Have you been using a new face cream product, a new soap, gel etc?
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These symptoms clearly show that the eye has got infected and needs proper medical attention. Commonly called conjunctivitis, it is an inflammation of the conjunctiva and causes the eye to rapidly swell up, with fluid discharge and itchiness in the eye.

Conjunctiva is the white transparent membrane that covers the white of the eye and any infection caused due to bacteria, virus, or allergens leads to redness, swelling and soreness. Many people complain that it feels like there is sand in the eye while others many have discharge which makes the eyelids stick together. Eyes become extremely sensitive to light but no long term damage or loss of vision is caused. An ophthalmologist should be consulted who would probably prescribe antibiotic as eye drops, ointment or pills.

Conjunctivitis is a contagious infection. As soon as the condition is diagnosed proper care should be taken. To relieve the symptoms the eyes can be washed with warm water and allowed to rest for most times. The infected person should not be allowed to move about and utmost care should be taken to clean the hands, used tissues and towels so that it does not spread.

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