My Tongue Has White Stripes Up Both Sides And My Mouth Is Constantly Dry, What Could It Be?


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Having white stripes up both sides of your tongue along with a constantly dry mouth could be the result of several things. These symptoms can be due to simply having poor daily hygiene such as not cleaning your teeth and tongue on a regular basis. However it could actually be the warning signs of something a lot more serious such as cancer.

Therefore it is really important to head to the doctors straight away to hopefully rule out the chance it could be cancer. The doctor will be able to examine your tongue and mouth and listen to your complaint of a constantly dry mouth. If you cannot get to the doctors for some reason it may still be a good idea if you make contact with them over the phone. This can still help to diagnose what you may have and hopefully put your mind at rest that it is not anything really serious.

If you don't have your doctor's phone number then head to and put in your doctor's surgery name and the town it is based in. You should then see their website in which you can find their 'contact us' page and note down their number.

A dentist may also be useful if you feel it could be to do with your teeth. Again you should make an appointment or give them a ring.
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Hi, I found this white spot more of a like line on the side of my tough an it doesn't seem to be going away ...
I can send photos if helpful?
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Dry mouth and white stripe is a common side effect of many prescription and nonprescription drugs. These include the drugs which are used to treat depression, anxiety, pain, allergies and colds.
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One suggestion is to start drinking more water that can be a sign of dehidration, also it could be caused my medication you are taking. Anxiety meds can cause what you call cotton mouth, or dry mouth. If you already drink plenty of water and are not on any type of meds I would ask my dr. But until you can, chewing gum or keeping a small hard piece of candy in your mouth can help. Also make sure you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth and use mouth wash.
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I have the same problem its most likely to be thrush a oral infection on the tongue
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I'm a little concerned because for the past few days I've had a white stripe of skin on the side of my tongue, my mouth has also been very dry, and it's also been swelling and hurting. Any answers out there? Should I go to the docter?

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