Where Is The Basal And Mid Inferior Wall Of He Heart?


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According to information that can be found online, the basal inferior and mid inferior wall of the heart are found in the left ventricle. This is the left hand portion of the heart, and it is shaped in a way which resembles a cone. The inferior wall is accepted as one of the four walls which make up the cone shaped left ventricle. The inferior wall was previously named the inferoposterior wall, but has more recently become to be known as the inferior wall, in order to ensure levels of consistency in research, medicine and other such fields and practices throughout the whole of America.

The prefixes "basal" and "mid" in reference to the inferior wall of the left ventricle of the heart refer to levels or portions of this wall. The term basal-inferior wall and the term mid-inferior wall refer to the same wall, just different portions of it. The basal portion of the inferior wall is the highest part of the inferior wall, furthest away from the "tip" or the "point" of the cone shaped left ventricle. On the other hand, the mid portion of the inferior wall is approximately half way up the inferior wall. There are also two other sections, or levels, of the inferior wall. After the basal portion and the mid portion, there is the apical portion of the inferior wall. The tip of the cone shaped left ventricle is known as the apex portion.

Problems with the inferior wall of the heart can lead to health conditions such as inferior wall ischemia. Inferior wall ischemia occurs when the inferior wall of the heart does not have access to, or is not provided with, enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen could be caused by blockages in the arteries. Inferior wall ischemia can be treated by having stents in the coronary arteries.

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